Heritage roses and gardens - La Bonne Maison - A collection of old and botanic roses

This is a remarkable garden. The collection of old roses is given 2 stars in the Michelin Green Guide.

At ten minutes' distance from the very centre of Lyon, tucked behind the tall walls of No 101, Chemin de Fontanières at La Mulatière, is one of the 25 most beautiful gardens in the world according to Peter Beales: La Bonne Maison d'Odile MASQUELIER.

Odile MASQUELIER, the garden's owner, has, for 50 years, devoted herself to the creation of La Bonne Maison that was also her childhood home. During the visit she will share with you her knowledge of botany and gardening for which she has become internationally renowned.

La Bonne Maison is involved in the preservation of and research on old and botanical roses. It is a large garden of some 9,500 square meters that includes 65 arches smothered in roses. There are more than 800 varieties flowering as from March for the botanical, Persian and China roses, until winter when the hips continue to provide colour as well as food for birds.

For visual pleasure as well as the health of the plants, the roses are surrounded with companion plants making up splendid collections of bulbs, poppies, iris, peonies, hydrangeas and flowering and fruit-bearing shrubs that renew the display throughout the year.

For 25 years the garden has prospered without chemical treatment or weed-killers.

Photos: © Odile Masquelier, La Bonne Maison

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