Heritage roses and gardens - Jardin de roses à Saint Romain au Mont d'Or

In the heart of the Monts d’Or Lyonnais the owners, great lovers of heritage roses have imagined and worked up this unique garden, between shadow and light.

It’s the rose paradise with the pink as the dominating colour transcended by some dark velvety reds. More than 300 cultivars, especially of heritage roses, but perennials as well, a nice collection of iris, some shrubs, high trees: ginko, maples, cypresses, euodia danielli, albizia julibrissin, koelreuteria paniculata fill up this wonderful area.

The fence is invaded by a great deal of climbing rose-trees: banksiae alba plena, 'Souvenir de la Malmaison', rosier blanc de Fortune (une rareté un peu frileuse), 'Purezza', 'Tausendschön', 'Elmshorn', 'Helen Knight' (a gold bunch late february)… Some have invested the trees such as 'Indica Major' which lights a cedar up to more than 10 meters.

In every season, everything is harmony and fragrance. In winter, hellebores, snowdrops, iris and cyclamen make us forget the gloomy weather. No pesticide : a paradise for bees and birds.

Each gardenis unique. This one is around the heritage roses.

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