Heritage roses and gardens - A garden in the west of Lyon

Created over the years, the garden is constantly evolving. To be honest, as the years have passed, discovering beautiful gardens and new plants have awoken in me a desire to always renew.

In the space of 30 years, the structure of the summer garden has been entirely remodelled, preserving the ancient roses and trees that were already planted there. The entire garden has gradually adapted a balanced harmony. Roses and companion plants remain in the limelight. Their dazzling spring bloom alone justifies all the work done in the other 10 months of the year. Their enchanting fragrances intertwine beautifully which gives me great happiness! As you walk through the garden, all the gradual pastel colour shades create an ambience of serenity and peace.

Among my many roses, two stars stand out. ‘Lijjang Rose’, a hybrid of Rosa gigantea from China, with petals in the shape of a pink porcelain cup, and ‘Crepuscule’ Noisette from Francis Dubreuil 1904, apricot with a hint of salmon of which the multitude of flowers cover the arches of more than 5 meters…

Photos : © Rita PARISOT

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