Heritage roses and gardens - Jardin du petit Cozance

In this garden, at Trept in Isère, 250 different varieties of heritage and modern roses are growing in the middle of perennials and shrubs. At the entrance, several climbers cover the walls of the house: the generous Noisette 'Mme. Alfred Carrière', the Bourbon ‘Le Bienheureux de la Salle' which is now named accurately, the magnificent 'Ghislaine de Féligonde', and ' Mme Solvay ', the beautiful ruffled rambler bred by the sorely missed André EVE.

Going down the wide lawn that leads to the creek, a breathtaking 'Albertine' and its salmon blast of spring roses blends with the fleshy, magenta pink flowers of an unknown hheritage rose that covers the entire roof of the garage below. 'Pâquerette', the rare historical polyantha, the Damask ' Celsiana' with its delicate pale pink flowers, the Gallica 'Charles de Mills' and its captivating scent, 'Castor’, the Italian, 'Complicata' and its so simple beauty, 'Sourire d'Orchidée' 'exuberant and fragrant,'Crépuscule', an enchantment of senses. All these roses are sound and happy.

'Pink Bells' bends under the weight of its flowers, as well as 'La Fraîcheur', which is well-named. Many botanical roses are also present. The Portland 'Jacques Cartier', ‘Dis-moi qui tu es', the aptly named Gallica… the headly Damask 'Ispahan', the rare Wichura 'Casimir Moullé', the ancient moss 'Salet' and 'William Lobb', the Alba 'Chloris', the numerous Pemberton: 'Felicia', 'Cornelia', 'Moonlight', 'Penelope'... All go together with perennials and shrubs.

But the true star of the garden is undoubtedly 'Pompon de Paris Climbing'. Its long spectacular blooming goes up to the roof of the house and create gracefully embroideries over the terrace. This scene is remarkable and had a lasting impact on all those who admired it, in particular, the congress participants of the 17th WFRS in May 2015.

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